new beginnings, spontaneity, change, innocence

naivety, recklessness
The Fool (0)
manifestation, dreams into actions, realizing goals, seizing the moment

Insecurity, manipulation
The Magician (1)
feminine power, seeking truth, knowledge, understanding secret desires

harmful secrets, confusion, mental disconnect
The Hight Priestess (2)
maternal figures, love, abundance, excess, fertility, new beginnings, feelings, relationships, projects

truth, indecision, inadequacy, emotional detachment
The Empress (3)
law, paternal figures, structure, ambition, power, leadership

discord, disorder, overbearing control, breakdown in power dynamics
The Emperor (4)
gaining knowledge, conformity, wisdom, learning, teachers, mentors

misplaced or lost faith, suppression, weakness, restriction of free thought
The Hierophant (5)
love, clarity and honesty in one's values, relationships - romantic, platonic, work partnerships, familial, with the self

seperation, mistrust, low self-esteem, disharmony
The Lovers (6)
direction, control, choice, willpower

defeat, loss of control, lack of direction
The Chariot (7)
self-control, self-inspection, navigating adversity with grace

weakness, breaking down, losing control, difficulty problem-solving
Strength (8)
solitude, personal reflection, self-inventory, time for oneself

loneliness, alienation, extreme caution, isolation
The Hermit (9)
positive changes in luck or monetary pursuits, a change in destiny

ill luck, failure
Wheel of Fortune (10)
writing wrongs, accepting consequences, abiding by truth, legal matters

false accusations, disharmony, general unfairness
Justice (11)
life in suspension, martyrdom, hardship, confusion, facing consequences, consideration of different perspectives

indecision, unforeseen difficulties, unwillingness to change
The Hanged Man (12)
transformation, painful change, new beginnings

stagnation, resistance to change
Death (13)
healing, balance, harmony, cycles, the natural order

hostility, indecision, disharmony
Temperance (14)
entrapment, vice, sexuality, bondage, addiction, lack of control, a prison of one's own making

breaking bonds, freedom, detachment
The Devil (15)
calamity, disaster, struggle, conflict, misjudgment, challenge, momentous change

unwillingness to see problems, looming disaster, avoiding change
The Tower (16)
new beginnings, new opportunities, liberation, freedom, faith in one's self, optimistic self-expression

mistrust, insecurity, loss of hope
The Star (17)
subconscious fears, deception, illusion, miscommunication, trauma, misunderstanding

lapse in judgement, holes in one's intuition
The Moon (18)
positive news, confidence, good luck

misfortune approaching, depression, unsuccessful ventures
The Sun (19)
rest, rebirth, arise again, painful lessons

regrets, ignoring the call to transform, disappointment, false accusations
The Judgement (20)
movement, completion, growth, success, enlightenment

directionlessness, loss of ambition or vision
The World (21)
creativity, ambition, opportunity

ruin, delays, setbacks, trials, challenges in creativity
Ace of Wands
courage, power, venturing forward into new experiences without fear

vulnerability, powerlessness, inflated ego
Two of Wands
foresight, multiple paths

lack of vision, ignorance of the present
Three of Wands
home, celebration, joy, harmony

social disputes, prioritizing others at the risk of your own personal development
Four of Wands
rivalry, obstacles, competition, trickery

assuming the worst, misunderstanding one's own or others needs
Five of Wands
victory, superiority, confidence, pride

failing to recognize one's own shortcomings
Six of Wands
disobedience, resistance, determination

embarrassment, anxiety, inability to stand up for oneself
Seven of Wands
new developments, action, completing projects, resolving conflicts

quarrels, delays, a need to slow down and reevaluate
Eight of Wands
persistence, resilience

pessimism, dread, resignation
Nine of Wands
heavy burdens, being overwhelmed, struggle

overextending oneself, avoiding responsibility
Ten of Wands
wonder, optimism, creativity, confidence

excess of excitement, overlooking key details
Page of Wands
abundance of energy, grandstanding, rashness, overconfidence, infatuation

ill-placed infatuation, overhanging doubts, confusion, a dent in confidence
Knight of Wands
well-deserved confidence, charisma, innovation, brilliance, strength, self-awareness

being held back, no opportunity to try new things, overbearing scrutiny of oneself and one's behaviors
Queen of Wands
drama, authority, power, unapologetic self-expression, confidence

conflict with authority, a power struggle, a need to confront one's own relationship with power
King of Wands
romantic desire, pining, wanting, new love, new beginnings

delusion or a disconnect with reality in regards to a relationship
Ace of Cups
partenership, palpable romantic energy, lovers in a new relationship or opportunity, endurance of old love

codependence, miscommunication, misunderstanding
Two of Cups
friendships ties and bonds, good intentions, news passed from from individual to individual

too entangled in celebration, neglecting one's responsibilities or duties
Three of Cups
disinterest, introspection, doubt, pessimism, an inability to see the good in life

new beginnings, new perspectives, favoring pessimism
Four of Cups
regret, loss, mourning, disappointment, sorrow in excess

regaining inner strength and alliances
Five of Cups
innocence, positive relationships, nostalgia, harmony in the home

naivety, disharmony, holding onto the past in an unhealthy fashion
Six of Cups
wishful thinking, imagination, preoccupation with fantasy, memory, the flighty nature of thought

wishing for the impossible, overabundance of options, indecision
Seven of Cups
change of direction, moving from disharmony to seeking balance, disappointment, abandonment

joy, moving forward, stagnation as the root of one's challenges
Eight of Cups
self-satisfaction, good fortune contentment, goodwill to oneself

greed, shallow fulfillment, concerns with the material world
Nine of Cups
completion, peace, self-awareness, family, cycles of life

preoccupation with the perfect life, broken familial or relationship bond, violence, discord
Ten of Cups
budding relationships and ventures, creativity, new desire, intuition, challenge of old habits

deception, re-evaluation of relationships and goals
Page of Cups
romance, idealization, being charmed, over-emotional fantasies, grand gestures, intentions pour over like tears

falling in love with the concept of being in love, a need to be tethered to reality
Knight of Cups
unconditional love, compassion, empathy, patience, thoughtful consideration of the circumstances of others

dishonor, mistrust, preoccupation with the problems of others, disconnect from ones own emotions
Queen of Cups
abundance, generosity, security, level-headedness, reliability, tolerance, fruitful ambition, financial and mental security

delf-destruction, controlling, dishonesty, manipulation
King of Cups
breakthroughs, confronting facts and problems, actively working on solutions, seeking triumph

excess of force, ignorance of the complexities of a situation
Ace of Swords
denial, stalemate, indecision

disloyalty, feeling pressured or lost
Two of Swords
heartbreak, betrayal, division, hard truths, rejection

a need to move on, feelings of alienation, love or relationships long-lost
Three of Swords
solitude, reevaluation, rest, self-reflection, renewal

stress, restlessness, an unwillingness to take risks
Four of Swords
loss, dishonor, defeat, pyrrhic-victory

closure, working towards resolution, hostility
Five of Swords
travel, inner journeys, growth after difficult times

inability to move forward, obstacles, waiting
Six of Swords
thievery, lies, betrayal, avoiding the truth

slander, isolation, being manipulated
Seven of Swords
bad news, powerlessness, loneliness, self-sabatoge, attempted healing

unrest, inability to move on
Eight of Swords
guilt, deception, despair, anxiety, lies

doubt, shame, suspicion
Nine of Swords
suffering, betrayal, desolation, an apex of pain

power, advantage, domineering authority
Ten of Swords
vigilance, contemplation, thought, growth of new ideas, caution

failure to notice arising issues, fear of the unknown, willful ignorance of the answers to one's own problems
Page of Swords
intellectual, defensive, skilled, brave, wrathful, tactless

suppression, lack of direction, inability to fully express one's self
Knight of Swords
perceptiveness, sadness, honesty, difficult decisions

lies, maliciousness, cold-heartedness, being judgemental
Queen of Swords
authority, integrity, connection, intellect, fortitude, remembrance

cruelty, manipulation, ill-intentions, injustice, narrow world-views
King of Swords
wealth, prosperity, contentment, adaption, a bright future

fixation on the material world, anxiety, greed
Ace of Rings
balance, adaptability, problem-solving, resolution

false joy, overtasking oneself
Two of Rings
cooperation, skilled labour, completing projects

weakness in work, failed teamwork, incompetence, an inability to delegate
Three of Rings
greed, possessivness, unkindness of spirit

opposition, feelings of being controlled
Four of Rings
financial and material troubles, struggle, victim mentalties, rejection, self-inflicted strife

chaos, discord, resolution
Five of Rings
generosity, prosperity, gratification, reflection, loss versus gain

envy, unwillingness to think critically about one's own actions
Six of Rings
reflecting on finances, social standing, business, the fruits of one's own labor

insecurity, wariness about finances, a need to act on ideas instead of ruminating
Seven of Rings
craft, diligence, dedication, skill

vanity, dashed ambitions, a lack of challenge in life
Eight of Rings
success, discipline, enjoyment, safety

bad faith, burnout, unfinished projects
Nine of Rings
juggling family affairs and financial matters, desire for tradition and affluence

loss, theft, uncompromising values, obsession with socially-acceptable roles and routines
Ten of Rings
reflection, contemplation, learning, practical goals, connection to reality

bad news, wastefulness, preoccupation with projects at the expense of other prioreties
Page of Rings
duality, hard work, dedication, responsibility, inflexibility, conservative attitudes

carelessness, pessimism, lethargy, roadblocks in achieving one's goals
Knight of Rings
intelligence, trustworthiness, security, generosity, resourcefulness

mistrust, neglect, fear, prioritizing others at the expense of oneself
Queen of Rings
power, knowledge, success, reliability

corruption, obsession with the material world, greed
King of Rings